* Packages are usually shipped within 48 business hours of receiving payment

Standard Shipping

Any form of Standard Shipping (No Tracking Number) will not be fully insured.

If you do not receive your package, we cannot be responsible.

We will have a picture of your package before sending it off as proof of fulfillment from our end.

Tracked Shipping

We will only insure and replace tracked packages within North America.

Any standard packages sent Internationally will NOT be insured and replaced if it does not reach you.

We strongly suggest selecting Tracked Shipping.

If you're package doesn't show up for any reason and the tracking shows that it did not reach it's final destination by being scanned as delivered, we will replace your order and ship to you FREE OF CHARGE. 

With this method of delivery, you will also have peace of mind and ability to conveniently track the whereabouts of your package.

How do you ship your packages?

All orders are securely packed and shipped discreetly via Canada Post. We use cardboard packaging, with no way of seeing what is inside.  The size of the package will only be sorted by machines and rarely touch a human hand until delivery.  The packages are covered by the Canada Post Corporation Act which states that the cops may not seize nor interfere with the delivery of your mail, unless it’s considered a threat to national security.  A tracking number will be provided when the package is shipped if express/expedited shipping is selected method of delivery.  If the standard shipping option (which is free) is selected, no tracking information is available.  

For US shipments, USPS will handle your packages as Canada Post delivers to customs.  The amount of mail that circulates in the US is staggering.  Mail is scanned by computers at mind blowing rates and is sorted and organized by machines.  Check out these statistics on USPS.

Check out this video on how custom's goes through mail and parcels daily:

How custom's searches 1 million mail packages per day

According to this video by Business Insider, Custom's dogs are trained to sniff out 7 different drugs: Hash, Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroine, Methamphetamine, Ecstasy as well as Fentanyl.

If you do decide to choose standard shipping, the responsibility of the package is yours once we hand it over to the post office.  We will take pictures of the stamped envelope but we cannot tell you where the package is in transit nor replace the package if it is lost.

When will my order be shipped?t

We process most orders in 24-48 hours. We suggest selecting the "Track Packet" shipping option because if you don’t receive your package, there is proof and we can ship out a replacement package. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with your shipping information. 

What is your shipping policies for undelivered orders?

If a tracked package is scanned as delivered but never arrives to your door, we will be more than happy to send a replacement package, free of charge.  However, if the tracking information shows the item was delivered, we cannot reship or provide a refund.  We aim to be as fair as possible and our goal is to make this a pleasant experience for all of us.  

What is your return policy?

For health and safety reasons, we are not able to accept returns if the package is opened.  If you have a change of heart and the package is unopened, we will be happy to give a refund.  We just ask that the return shipping fee's is covered on your end.  If you do have a unique situation regarding your package, feel free to contact us and we will be open to any questions and concerns.  

What if I paid for the product but want a refund?

If we have not shipped out the product yet and you've already paid in full but have a change of heart, want to cancel your order and want a refund, we would honour that decision and refund your money.  

What if I input the wrong shipping address and my order gets sent back?

You will be responsible for your shipping address so please double check it before confirming your payment.

If your order has not been shipped yet and you'd like to make a change in your shipping information, please email us immediately.  

If your shipping label has already been printed, it will have already been paid for and is subject to another shipping charge if it's not refundable from the post carrier.

With all said, we will aim to be fair as possible for both parties.  

Click here for an estimate on shipping via Canada Post.

Both shipping options are quality options and it's going to come down to what you're comfortable with.    


The Microdose Nature Team