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Tru Mood Shift

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Tru Mood Shift are 500 mg of Psilocybin Cubensis microdose mushroom capsules designed to be used in a comfortable and controlled setting when your responsibilities are out of the way.  

Pressed for the experienced doser, closing your eyes in a meditative state can be a profound experience that can reveal and release many deep seeded thoughts & feelings in the moment.  


  • May uplift mood
  • boost creativity
  • enhance visual perception & performance
  • alleviate anxiety
  • increase neurogenesis
Used to treat:
  • Concussions
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Dependence
  • Smoking
  • Migraines/Cluster Headaches


Each capsule contains:
  • 500 mg's (0.5 grams) of 100% Organic Psilocybin Cubensis (Fruiting Bodies)
  • Kosher, halal and vegan friendly gel capsules
  • There are no added fillers, starch, grains or mycelium

Recommended Dose:

1 capsules every 3rd day, ideally before noon. 

It is suggested that you should have a light meal/snack if you are just starting to microdose.  

Adjust dosage accordingly to your lifestyle and ideal personal preference.

    Storage Information:

    Keep out of reach of children and pets.

    Store in a cool, dark and dry place away from direct light.

    Cautions and Warnings:

    Do not consume any capsules while operating a vehicle or heavy equipment.

    May experience anxiety, blurred vision, nausea, sleepiness, euphoria and induce a dreamlike state.

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